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PAST guest ExhibitionS: 

Click here to view the Paul and Terry Olsen Collection  Exhibit Catalog 

“Anything But Flat: Dimensional Artwork of the Old West” featuring the Paul & Terry Olsen private collection. Friday, August 4th to Friday November 3rd 2017.  This exhibition will feature artwork by the following prominent artists: Ed Morgan, Curt Mattson, Black Bear Bosin (Tsate Kongia), Fred Fellows, Gerald Bakiar, Lisa Grossman, Inga Bow, Pete Felten, John Maisano, Curt Boles, RC (Rick) Jones, Raymond Nordwall, Ralph Royal, Ken Rowe, Dan Garrett, Chris Turri, Robert Orduno, James D. Tsoodle The first 10 buyers to purchase artwork from this exhibit will be given a choice of a complimentary additional piece of artwork from the Olsen collection. All sales will garner a 40% commission/donation to the art museum thanks to the generosity of the Olsen family. Opening Opening Reception: Friday, August 4th at 6pm. Wine/Beer & Appetizers Served. $10 non-members ; FREE for Members

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“Vernon Filley Invitational Art Show and Sale” April 22 – July 21, 2017.

***Saturday April 22nd: Opening Reception (Meet the Artists) & Sale 6-8pm

 $10 non -members, FREE for Members. Beer/Wine & Appetizers served!

Sales from this exhibit will serve as a fundraiser for the Filley Museum. This exhibition will feature the following renowned artists from all around the Country.  Jo Anderson, Brandon Bailey, Kim Casebeer, *Lorenzo Chavez, Jim Clements, Jean Cook, Elizabeth Corbett, Larry Degraff, Kaye Franklin, *Albert Handell, *Brian Hinkle, Tim Joseph, Earl Kuhn, Robin Laws, Jeff Legg, *Carol Long, *Cammie Lundeen, George Lundeen, Charlie Norton, Carson Norton, Patricia Norton, Caroline Norton, Gregory Packard, Bruce Peil, Stacey Peterson, Johne P. Richardson, Devin Roberts, Jason Sacran, Bert Seabourn, Brent Seevers, *Brian Slawson, Jill Soukup, Elisa Stone, John Taft, Joshua Tobey, David Vollbracht, Roger Williams. (*Artists whose artwork is featured on the postcard)


Invitational show

“Vernon Filley Invitational Art Show and Sale” April 22 – July 21, 2017.

Sales from this exhibit will serve as a fundraiser for the Filley Museum. This exhibition will feature the following renowned artists from all around the Country.  Jo Anderson, Brandon Bailey, Kim Casebeer, *Lorenzo Chavez, Jim Clements, Jean Cook, Elizabeth Corbett, Larry Degraff, Kaye Franklin, *Albert Handell, *Brian Hinkle, Tim Joseph, Earl Kuhn, Robin Laws, Jeff Legg, *Carol Long, *Cammie Lundeen, George Lundeen, Charlie Norton, Carson Norton, Patricia Norton, Gregory Packard, Bruce Peil, Stacey Peterson, Johne P. Richardson, Devin Roberts, Jason Sacran, Bert Seabourn, Brent Seevers, *Brian Slawson, Jill Soukup, Elisa Stone, John Taft, Joshua Tobey, David Vollbracht, Roger Williams. (*Artists whose artwork is featured on the postcard)

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This exhibition has been sponsored in part  by:
Pratt Regional Medical Center & Doug Reh Chevrolet

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Click here to view the Filley National Invitational Exhibit Catalog 



Click here to visit the Michael Walsh Exhibit Catalog 

(Due to a private event at the Filley on Saturday April 8th) The last day to view the Michael Walsh Exhibit and Filley Permanent Collection Exhibit Explore the Southwest: Works on Paper will be Friday April 7th (10am to 4pm) 

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From January 13th through Friday April 7, 2017 in the North Gallery we will feature guest painter Michael Walsh, of Kansas City. who has described his painting process as an act of worship. His easel is his altar of service and celebration. Michael loves to paint barns, streams, oceans, rivers, pastoral scenes and figurative work. Much of his work centers on Farm life and its foundational dynamic in building America, which strikes many chords among his hard working farmers, friends and family. More about Michael Walsh at  The Michael Walsh exhibit is sponsored in part by Edward Jones and Stull, Beverlin, Nicolay & Haas, LLC.

Click here to visit the Carol Long Pottery Exhibit Catalog 


North Gallery: August 26th to December 3rd, 2016: Carol Long Pottery: Remarkable artist of St. John, Carol Long, draws influence from plant and animal life and is fascinated by the small complexities of the micro aspects of nature. Her work has become widely renowned and continues to evolve as she experiments with new ways of expressing the tiny beautiful intrinsic qualities of nature that we often take for granted. More about Carol Long Pottery at *Meet the Artist Opening reception August 26th at 6pm 

December 7th, 2016 to January 4th 2017: Annual Holiday Festival of Trees and Decorations. *Exhibit Reception, Saturday, December 17th at 6pm

DSC_4352SOUTH GALLERYMarch 26, 2016 through January 4, 2017:  “Prairie Painters and Potters” -Filley South Gallery Room will feature works by Birger Sandzén, Charles Rogers, Ray Kahmeyer – Featuring selections from the following collections: Birger Sandzén Memorial Gallery, Kahmeyer Family, USD 382, Pratt Public Library, Several Private Regional Family Collections, & The Dr. Vernon and Emily “Mimi” Filley Permanent Collection. Click here for more information! Reception to honor the families and collections featured will take place at the midpoint of the exhibit:


April 23 through August 12, 2016: World Renowned Artists John DeAndrea and Ariel DeAndrea

John DeAndrea

John DeAndrea


Ariel DeAndrea

Click here to visit the exhibit Catalog: John DeAndrea & Ariel DeAndrea


Friday, April 22nd at 6pm: Opening Reception: MEET THE ARTISTS
$10 for non-members; FREE for MEMBERS
Please come enjoy wine/beer and light hors d’oeuvres
at The Filley and Meet: John DeAndrea and Ariel DeAndrea

Filley North Gallery: April 22nd to August 12, 2016: Artists John DeAndrea and Ariel DeAndrea will bring a once in a lifetime exhibit to Pratt, KS. John DeAndrea, Verist sculptor, is internationally celebrated and renowned for his hyperrealist human figure sculptures (polyvinyl or polychromed bronze cast) that are typically posed in true-to-life positions, pushing the boundaries of realism to the extreme. John’s daughter, Ariel DeAndrea, is an accomplished realist painter, based out of LA and New York. Ariel explores the movement, life and spirituality in the design and symbolism of an otherwise lifeless object: the origami crane. Her Oil paintings feature the paper birds in natural settings, bodies of water from around the world. Father and Daughter will exhibit side by side for the very first time! Click for more information!




This exhibit is supported in part by a grant from the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission, which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.

Click here to visit the exhibit page with more information about each Artist: John DeAndrea & Ariel DeAndrea


North Gallery: February 6th to April 8th: Artists from Medicine Lodge @The Filley: Earl Kuhn, David Volbracht, Elisa Stone, and Caroline Norton.

Click to View – Sneak Peek of the Exhibition Catalog: “Artists of the Red Hills”

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The four featured artists in this exhibit currently live in the Red Hills, Medicine Lodge area. This show will feature watercolors by Earl Kuhn; his work depicts the story of the contemporary ranch cowboy. David Vollbracht’s oil paintings depict realistic impressions of the varied landscapes of the Kansas prairie and the Rocky Mountains. Elisa Stone’s pottery is the result of a study of historical Native American life, culture, and art, specifically that of the Plains Indians. Caroline Norton’s oil paintings skillfuly represent a variety of subjects. The Filley Museum thanks these artists for donating 40% of their sales to our nonprofit.

Click to read more about the Artists of the Red Hills and see each artists biography!










HodgesTSMClick for more information: South Gallery: January 14th through March 18, 2016: Guest exhibit by Dennis Hodges “A sense of his soul” featuring photography of a “politician’s eyes series”

Sat February 20, 2016: 6pm Drinks and Discussion: A gallery talk by Dennis Hodges

NORTH GALLERY:  Oils, Acrylics, and Sculpture Selections from the Dr. Vernon and Emily “Mimi” Filley permanent collection. On display August 1, 2015 to January 30th,  2016.

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Dec. 8, 2015 to Jan 9, 2016: Holiday Themed-Tree Exhibition “The Filley Festival of Trees” IMG_5641






SOUTH GALLERY: November 6th to December 4th:  Artist Dick Bixler, Metal Art Work, Guest Exhibition

A reason for everything in metal art work

November 6th to December 4th: Dick Bixler; Metal sculpture exhibition


Bix Metal Art Work

Welcome to Bix’s Metal Art Work.  Our desire is for each of you to be drawn into an artistic experience which will allow you to slow down your busy schedule and focus on where each piece is taking you.  Bix’s Art is designed for you to escape, dream, enjoy, and reflect on your priorities in life.

Bix’s Art Work has been influenced by our desire to assist people in all walks of life.  In 1989, Bix started World Patent Development Company with the focus to invent , design, engineer, develop, fabricate proto-types and not only have the final product but to have a patent on the invention.  Over the years we have 12 patents and still more are on the way.  In 2014, we received a patent on a mobile disability hunting blind to attach to a 4 wheeler, snowmobile, or wheelchair.  In June 2015, we received a patent on a heating and cooling safety device for comfort and safety to be incorporated in a wide range of transportation vehicles from automobiles to farm tractors.

Our patents and art work are completely two different areas but in our situation the patents have influenced our art work and our art work has influenced our patent work.

I live with my wife in the county on the edge of Pratt, Ks.  We enjoy country living by taking long walks in open pastures while talking with our horse.  We love watching beautiful clouds and sunsets, and  soaking up the nature all around from the wildflowers to to birds and animals native to our area.  Country living has a calming effect which inspires our art work.  Hopefully our art work will inspire you to find a calming inner self that has been covered up by the hustle and bustle of a self made busy world.  Our art pieces are here for you to refocus your priorities and your appreciation of life and find what each of us can offer others in life.

DSC_0542Every one of our pieces of art starts with raw metal.  We want all of our art pieces to be unique.  We don’t use patterns, jigs, technology, or other’s ideas or work.  As an example: when making a leaf, each leaf starts with a piece of flat metal, a  pattern for each individual leaf is hand drawn (with chalk on metal), then cut out by hand, and heated until red hot.  Next, a hammer and chisel or plasma cutter is used to edge  the veins into each leaf, then the leaf is ground, buffed and finally the single leaf is attached to the stem.  Art is what we put into it and what we can take away from it.

We strive to put our heart and soul into our art.  Our desire is when you really look into our different works you might see what is meaningful to you.  When you view our bald eagle, perhaps you will soar high with your desires, thoughts, and adventures in life.  The bald eagle does not let everyday pressure control his destiny.

Our old one room school house with the teeter totter and tree could inspire you to reflect on how free spirited and fun it was to be a child now in generations past and maybe focus on the importance of fun and a free spirit now and at any age.

When you look a our stairway art, you can see any person’s life has steps.  Sometimes the steps are narrow.  Sometimes they are broken on the way up to each of our goals and happiness in life.  But look deeper.  The door is open at the top, but sometimes we get tired, or physical issues slow us down.  That’s why we have a handrail in life also reflecting that we have someone to help us.  It is also important that we can help others climb the stairs of life and opportunities.

Spiral Vase (Broken Look) 11” X 2.5 X2” W $500

Our vases remind us we are unique and even if we are broken we can have reinforcement from family and friends to hold up our structure.  Vases are designed to hold the everyday beauty of life.

All of our artwork is much more that handmade unique pieces.  Our artwork is made to remind you each day of the unique, one of a kind qualities each of you possess.  Hopefully, Bix’s Art Work will inspire you to find happiness in the great qualities that you have.




Dick and Nancy Bixler

Bix’s Art Gallery

P.O. Box 315

Pratt, KS 67124

Vase on Stand 21” X 6” $600

Vase on Stand
21” X 6”

Bald Eagle 67” wing span X 27” H$2500

Bald Eagle 67” wing span X 27” H$2500






















PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT: FUNDRAISER ART FOR SALE! Click here to see artwork featured in the current exhibit John D Morrison, Leon Staab, Stan Reimer.

August 1st 2015 through January, 8 2016 in the Filley North Gallery: Oils, Acrylics, and Sculpture selections from the Dr. Vernon and Emily “Mimi” Filley Permanent Collection

August 1, to October 30, 2015: Kansas Photography Trio Guest Exhibition in The Filley South Gallery

This photography exhibition combines the artistry of three Kansas photographers.  The exhibit represents a wide variety of media from traditional film to digital photography.  Works range from giclée prints to canvas. Morrison’s photography features rural Kansas scenes including the Flint Hills. Staab’s collection reflects his love of travel and photographing abroad. Extensive teaching experience is evident in a wide range of techniques and subject matter in Reimer’s work.


Photography Card

Saturday, August 1 at 7pm: Kansas Photographers: Guest Exhibition by photographers John D. Morrison,Leon Staab, and Stan Reimer
Opening Reception: MEET THE ARTISTS
$10 for non-members; FREE for MEMBERS
Please come enjoy wine/beer and light hors d’oeuvres
at The Filley and Meet Leon Staab, John D. Morrison, and Stan Reimer 


John D Morrison

Bio and Statement

I am an Oklahoma native, a former math and physics teacher, and a retired computer programmer. My wife, Shellee, and I have four grown children, seven grandchildren, and are 41-year Wichita residents.

I was inspired in 2002 by Australian photographer Ken Duncan’s America Wide to explore panoramic photography. While much photographic composition involves isolating a subject by removing all that is not visually essential, panoramic photography presents a subject in its context. Often I find the subject is the context.

Contrary to the unstudied opinions those who dismiss us as “flyover country”, the Kansas landscape is extremely varied, but it does not shout for attention. Done well, the panoramic format lets the photographer reward the viewer everywhere he or she looks. The sweep of the sky and the expanse of the prairie move the viewer’s eye from detail to detail, while the lines of trees, strata, and clouds tie the details into one overall experience.

I do not hesitate to include man-made features in the landscapes. Roads and fences and power lines are part of our lives, physically and metaphorically, and they need not destroy the God-formed beauty on which they lie.

I shoot with a Canon DSLR camera and try to average two trips monthly to sites around Kansas. I enjoy shooting very early or very late in the day, when the colors are more saturated, and when the low sun reveals the contours of the land and tints the clouds and the prairie grasses in beautiful, fast-changing ways.

At my studio in Wichita’s Old Town, you’ll find evocative images of Kansas, with special emphasis in the Flint Hills and the tallgrass prairie. My goal is to help the viewer find pleasure and respite amidst the beauty that fills our state.

Panoramic Technique

Each of my landscape panoramas is a composite of multiple overlapping exposures. With the camera mounted on a tripod, I manually set focus and exposure and use a cable release and mirror lock-up for the sharpest image possible. I then take seven to twelve vertical-format exposures that cover the scene, each exposure overlapping its neighbor by about one-fourth. Once the resulting individual files are “stitched” together on a computer, the resulting image file is almost identical to one produced by the traditional method of scanning a large-format transparency. Working with Photoshop in my “digital darkroom,” I then adjust exposure, contrast, and color and dodge and burn in ways analogous to what one would have done in a chemical darkroom. I make all my prints on a large format inkjet printer (Canon iPF8300), that uses pigmented inks (twelve colors) to produce images with a projected hundred-year life.




Leon J. Staab

Leon was born in Hays, Kansas in 1947. He earned a BA degree in German with teaching minors in Journalism and Russian from Fort Hays State University in 1971. He also pursued graduate studies in German at Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont and at the University of Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria. He spent the next six years teaching at the high school level.

Leon opened Pioneer Photography a full service portrait studio in 1975 and during the next 39 years worked in his studio located in a historical building West 10th st. in Hays, Ks. Leon was active in The Kansas Professional Photographers Association. Pioneer Photography closed in 2013.

Leon continues to devote a portion of his time working on fine art photographic projects. His work has been accepted in many juried shows and has won top awards on many occasions. He has also exhibited in one man shows in Kansas and the adjoining states. He has juried photography shows in Kansas and has presented programs on photography to both professional and amateur photography groups.




Stan Reimer, Master Photographer Craftsman, C.P.P. began photography at the age of 12 with an adjustable camera. He pursued his art and passion for photography through out his career and education. Reimer received a BA in psychology and a BA in music education from Bethel College in Newton, KS and holds a Masters Degree in music education from WSU.

Reimer founded Stan Reimer Photography LTD and The Photography Gallery in 1976, as owner and photographer. His accomplishments include: Certified Professional Photographer in 1981; Named Master Photographer by the Professional Photographers of America in 1985; Named Master Photographer Craftsman by the PPA in 1995; President of the Kansas Professional Photographers Association in 1984; Board member, Heart of America Photographers Association for 12 years; Member, Council of the Professional Photographers of America for 19 years

Reimer’s awards include:
-Juror for The Five State Photography Competition in Hays, KS 1991
-Juror for the Darrell Williams Memorial Photography Competition in Dodge City 1992
–Winner of 85 print merits in the national competition of the Professional Photographers of America
–First place in the People category in the 1995 Hays Five State Photography Exhibition.
–First place in the Open category at the 2005 Hays Five State Photography Exhibition
–One of the Photographers of the Year for the Professional Photographers of America International Competition in 2006 and 2007

Stan has exhibited photography in galleries throughout Kansas including the Moss-Thomas Gallery of Art at Fort Hays State University, Hays Arts Center, Hutchinson Art Center, Century II in Wichita, Shafer Gallery in Great Bend, and the Carnegie Art Gallery in Dodge City. He has works displayed in the International Photography Hall of Fame in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. Reimer has specialized in custom archival framing for 37 years.


My photographs vary greatly in method, style, and subjects. I have taught photography for amateurs as well as professionals all through my career. So I find myself exploring many different techniques and methods. In my early years I worked primarily in black and white film because I could develop and print my own work. I entered the digital world early switching to digital in 1996. The possibilities are unlimited with digital.

I call my photography process “pre-visualization”. Before I make the exposure I see the final image in my mind. Unfortunately the camera is an imperfect instrument. Post-production and manipulation are necessary to achieve the desired product.

Photographers that influenced me the most were Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, and John Sexton. I also admired the portrait work of Josef Karsh and Arnold Newman.

Saturday April 11,  2015 – July 25th, 2015: Collaborative Duo Exhibition: Roger Williams and Robin Laws. Mrs. Laws and Mr. Williams have agreed to generously participate in this exhibition as a donation and promotional opportunity for the Filley Art Museum. This exhibition is a fundraiser for the Filley Art Museum, with 40% of sales donated to the museum (which is tax deductible for those who purchase artwork during this show)


SouthwestArt E-blast

All of Robin Laws’ pieces will be for sale and proceeds will benefit both the museum and the artist. A generous commission of sales will be given to the art museum. Most of Mr. Williams’ paintings will be for sale during this exhibition. Several of Mr. Williams’ paintings are represented in the Filley Art Museum permanent collection. A few of these pieces will be part of the April to July show at the Filley Art Museum but those particular permanent collection works will not be for sale. Roger Williams and Robin Laws are both represented by the  Joe Wade Fine Art Gallery.

Please Visit to learn more about Santa Fe Artist Roger Williams. Roger Williams’ paintings are a creation of scenes taken from inspiring, colorful and beautiful places he holds dear to his heart, including the Southwest where he lives and works. His work is available through several galleries in the Southwest. He shows in six galleries in the region and has exhibited internationally. His work is represented in collections in over 12 countries. Mr. Williams also teaches studio and plein air painting workshops in and around Santa Fe.

revised rogerRoger Williams Biography: Roger was born in Southern Colorado near the New Mexico border, a stone’s throw from Taos and Santa Fe. This environment, surrounded by mountains and pristine high desert, enticed Williams at a young age to start, “seeing” as Williams notes in his last book ” Light Beauty and Form.

Later on, Roger attended the university of Denver and Adams State College schools of art and completed his masters’ degree. After two years of teaching at a college level, Williams decided to pursue his dream of becoming a professional artist and moved to Santa Fe NM in 1986. In Santa Fe, Roger encountered a plethora of opportunities to befriend and study with master painters from all over. His associations and studies with artists like Clark Hulings, Richard Schmid, Joseph Mendoza, Bettina Steinke and others, stimulated and enforced his conviction to continue painting and he has not looked back since. The artist has exhibited in over 21 one-man shows and many featured exhibitions in galleries and few museums in the USA, France, and Mexico.

Because of a long life passion for travel, Roger Williams’ paintings tell the story of where he has been and where he is going as a person and as an artist. His works are a creation of scenes taken from inspiring, colorful and beautiful places he holds dear to his heart which include the Southwest where he lives and works. He has painted on location in four different continents/over thirty countries and is always in search of inspiring subject for each canvass. Although many of his realistic / impressionistic paintings are landscapes, his figurative pieces challenge him to enter another’s space and create form and emotion unique to those individuals. “I want to politely enter someone else’s space, imagine their essence and express it, produce a dynamic, allowing for transition out of self and comfortability.”

Roger’s art is valuable for the feeling it conveys to the viewer, which is, generally, the sense of well-being and peacefulness. Roger Williams’ paintings continue to grow in popularity and over the last three decades he has found joy in his progress as a painter. He lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where the light and the environment continue to stimulate wonderful finished pieces that sell to clients all over the world.


robin scanned copyRobin Laws Biography:“Quietly striking” is how James Mills, Arts Editor of the Denver Post, described artist Robin J. Laws’ work. This powerful theme echoes through the high plains of Northeastern Colorado where Laws was born and raised. From childhood, in a two-room schoolhouse in Woodrow, Colorado, she has sought to convey her world, its rural surroundings and lifestyle through art. Her talent has been honed over the years by attending workshops, seminars, and classes including the Scottsdale Artist School, Cowboy Artists of America workshops, and the Foothills Art Center. Laws’ art remains focused on her original intent- accurately portraying the spirit and personality of each of her subjects- particularly her animals. Working with live farm animals as models creates a challenge for the artist- but it is one that she relishes. Laws utilizes the bronze medium as a lasting tribute to the animals she knows- they are friends, companions, and co-workers. Her bronzes speak to the uniquely western American experience and rural life in particular.

Robin has many awards, exhibitions, and shows to her credit, including Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year for the State of Colorado, The Ann Hyatt Huntington Award for sculpture, Best of Show honors at the Buffalo Bill Museum Show, the American Women Artists Annual Invitational Show, and the National Equine Society Art Show. Her work has been exhibited by The National Arts Club and The Salmagundi Club, the Cowboy Artists of America Museum in Kerrville, Texas, the Museum of Western Art in Denver, Colorado, Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum in Cheyenne, Wyoming, The Society of Western Artists Exhibition in Oakland, California, the American Women Artists Annual Invitational Show, and Italy’s famed international exhibition- The Biennale Invitational.

Laws’ works are included in many private, public, and corporate collections, including the Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado, Fairplay High School, Fairplay, Colorado, the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, Wisconsin, The City of Cheyenne, in Wyoming and at Osborne House in Warsash, England- home to the personal physician to Prince Charles and Princess Diana for ten years.

When she’s not painting or sculpting, Laws enjoys participating in local cattle roundups each spring and fall. She says the experience helps her see the world and herself more clearly. She is also very active in her community, serving as artist in residence for local schools, providing programs for nursing homes and helping to organize art shows, including Colorado’s Finest Art show which is hosted by the governor of Colorado. In addition to her time, Laws has donated numerous works to auctions to benefit local, state, and international non-profit organizations.

upcoming exhibitions of the permanent collection: 

May 9th through June 21, 2015: Hometown Teams Exhibition

Images of Hometown Teams In the Pratt Region: We will tell our local story of sports andUntitled-1 community with several events during this time period including an exhibition of adult and youth student works depicting photographs of present day teams. In collaboration with events with the Pratt Public Library and Pratt County Historical Society we will explore the history of community and hometown teams in our region  and showcase objects and images from the past.

  • May 9 – Jun 21, 2015,  “Images of Hometown Teams in the Pratt Region,” photography exhibition, Vernon Filley Art Museum, 421 S. Jackson St. Pratt, KS 67124. This exhibition highlight sports and Rec. team photographs from the Pratt and surrounding town areas. We will present a juxtaposition of photographs from the early 1900’s alongside current day photographs, taken by students of a Sports Photography class taught by Stan Reimer earlier this year through the art museum. This exhibition has been a collaborative process between the Pratt County Historical Museum and the Vernon Filley Art Museum. Charmaine Swanepoel has curated the early sports photographs and put together the narrative and script writing for this exhibition!
  • YouTube video project to advertise and showcase the “Images of Hometown Teams in the Pratt Region” exhibition. Video production by the Skyline High School Senior Student Layton Kenworthy.
  • Monday, May 18th 6pm; Exhibit Opening & Panel Discussion, Vernon Filley Art Museum, 421 S. Jackson St. Pratt, KS 67124. FREE and open to the public!
  • Monday, May 19, 7pm “Our Boys” by Joe Drape, book discussion at the Pratt Public Library, 401 S Jackson St. Pratt, KS 6714. Led by Kim Stanley.

Made possible by the Kansas Humanities Council and the Hometown teams Smithsonian Museum on Mainstreet project.

January 9th through March 28th 2015: Master of Fine Arts Ceramics Exhibition


Midwestern Graduate Programs Ceramics Showcase; Juror: Marshall Maude, Assistant Professor of Ceramics, KU Student Artists: Kansas State University Thea Meussling, Nick Vest, Sarah McNutt. Wichita State University: Scott Steder. University of Nebraska, Lincoln: Louise Deroualle, Hiromi lyoda, Shalya Marsh, Qwist Joseph, Albert Avi Arenfeld Faculty Artists: Kansas State University Andrew Casto, Amy Santoferraro; Wichita State University Ted Adler, Brenda Lichman: University of Nebraska, Lincoln: Margaret Bohls, Eddie Dominguez, Mark Cole



photo (322)

North Guest Exhibition Gallery: December 5th through December 30, 2014: Community Christmas & Holiday Exhibition

Our Holiday exhibition featured holiday treasures from private community collections, as well as holiday art from local artists and artisans in our region.


 North Guest Exhibition Gallery: August 22nd through November 30th, 2014 “Kansas Ties”

1941 The Bridge Pratt KS Oil on board. Photo Courtesy of the Birger Sandzén Memorial Gallery, Lindsborg, KS

The Bridge, Pratt, Kansas, 1941 oil on board;  Photo Courtesy of the Birger Sandzén Memorial Gallery, Lindsborg, KS

“Kansas Ties” from the Birger Sandzén Memorial Gallery, Lindsborg KS. This show featured artwork by artists that were based in Kansas or had Kansas “ties.” There were 25 artists represented in the exhibition with 35 works in the full show. Including: 5 works by Birger Sandzen, works by Doran Barham, John Bashor, John Blake Bergers, David Bernard,  John Steuart Curry, Wm Dickerson, Rbt Fromme, Angelo Garzio, Margaret Sandzén Greenough, Oscar Gunnarson, John F, Helm, Jr., Ray Kahmeyer (ceramics), Anna Keener, Kem Klostermeyer, Signe Larson, G.N. Malm, Carl Peterson, Jack Pharo, Henry Varnum Poor, Lester Raymer, Doel Reed, Charles Sanderson, Zona Wheeler, and Dave Yust. Most of these artists were friends or students of Briger Sandzén, and were additionally connected with Bethany College or were colleagues working together in the ‘Prairie Print Makers’ group of artists.

"Kansas Ties" August 2014

“Kansas Ties” August 2014