About The Filley Family

Photo of Mimi and Vernon For web

Mimi and Vernon Filley

Emily “Mimi” Horwath became interested in art during an elementary school field trip to the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, Nebraska. After visiting the museum and noticing that many of the works of art were donated, Mimi’s dream became to collect art which could someday be donated to a museum to enhance the lives of others.

Mimi and Dr. Vernon W. Filley were married in 1947 after Vernon completed medical school. They settled in Pratt a few years later where Dr. Filley served as a surgeon throughout his lifetime. The Filley’s owned a second home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where Mimi became personally acquainted with many artists and gallery owners. She commissioned, bought, and collected art in the Southwest style. Her purchases were based solely on whether she liked the art piece.

Mimi’s heart is in Pratt. The Vernon Filley Art Museum fulfills Mimi’s dream to have the Filley art collection remain in Pratt. The art museum also honors the vision to support constantly rotating guest exhibitions and support art classes.